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Entrellia first gained its name during a home campaign of 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons between friends, around a table, in the early months of 2018. However, some maps, characters, locations and gods of the world date as far back as 2013. Old sketches of hand drawn maps in an A3 art pad still linger around my attic somewhere. Even Numen such as The Watching Wolf were in my pool of ideas before my discovery of Dungeons and Dragons and were, in all honesty, inspired by and based upon nightmares I'd experience as a kid!

The first solid and refined form of Entrellia was conjured during the dark pits of lockdown, where I had the time and dedication to finally write everything up inside a fresh Discord server that eventually reached over 700 members and saw nearly 5000 members comes and go during its lifetime, stylised as a west march.

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