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The Golden Concorde are an extremely exclusive and talented group of voluntary heroes that venture across Entrellia, felling cults and acting as virtuous Paladins without the influence of Numen or other gods to aid them. They solely pride themselves on doing the work without direct allegiances to anyone and uphold an insistance of neutrality within political structures. They therefore work with heavy afinities towards selflessness, that usually leans towards doing what's right and what they deem as the humane or correct thing to do. This avoidance of assistance from the Numen ensures usage of Divine Magic within their ranks is kept to bare essentials, enforcing minimum meddling of higher beings and more practical, controlled solutions.

The Golden Concorde has been called upon countless times by cities and countries of Entrellia to defeat and squash destructive or murderous organisations and cults that target the lives of the innocent. They rarely deal with the slaying of monsters, focusing on the more on civilised conflicts and crushing evil-doers who are aware of their immoral actions.


Unifiers of The Sulvari Coastline, The High Merchants are a collection of elected traders raised to royalty that rule over the desert lands and the stretching waters that flow into the trading haven of The Great Golden Waters. The group originally merged together to buy out many independent sailors, traders and even pirates, eventually amassing the largest naval trading company in all of Entrellia in order to dominate the seas for centuries.


A single sanctuary built atop the Aurora Mountains is home to many life-long studing philosophers. The members here boast a diverse set of intelligent minds and practice scientific and mathematical theories daily, studying magic, minds, philosophy and much more.

Through history, many of the greatest breakthroughs in technology and invention are made by members of The Apex, coining them as some of the brightest and most educated beings in Entrellia.


One of Entrellia's largest merchant republics, The Bellysqueeze Traders are Dwarven tradesmen originally established in the coastal town of Bellysqueeze. Their vast wealth has led them to remain independent from other Dwarven neighbours. 


Skywatch is an independent collection of knights that were once famed for protecting towers and settlements from the likes of dragons and great beasts, while adorning polished white armour. History told that many Skywatchers came from a line of nobility or royal family and enlistment continues to be seen as an honourable act by those not directly in line to their house inheritance. Ranking soldiers within the organisation therefore are commonly recognisable in name and history, being tied to great ruling families with a strong sense of duty and respect. However, recently the organisation has franchised out into offering oversight of lordly castles and holdings for nobles that have been deemed incompetent. This hiring of a Skywatch noble has the member step in to act and oversee as regents with far more experience than those they are temporarily replacing. While fixing many issues, the knight then also educates and assists in retraining the original noble.


A Skywatch tutor is becoming easily and swiftly hireable and installed commonly by rulers to advise, guide and groom their heirs and children of nobility. Recruitment of one has rapidly become seen as an essential process in the modern day and are one of the highest respected mentors to have had when growing up in royalty. Being educated by a Skywatch knight is a great boast to own.


'Dog Knight' is a name given to a  knight who was once a noble serving paladin, guardsmen or other another honourable duty holder sworn in by oath, who has fallen on ill luck and has been stripped of land, titles and banished or exiled from their previous home. Many Dog Knights are still incredibly honourable people and experienced fighters with services to offer, banding together in small groups with hopes of redeeming themselves and regaining their stature through redemption or a pardon.

It is known that many Dog Knights are the victims of impossible choices and manipulative outsiders, not truly deserving the fate they have been brandished with.


The Ironsold are the largest organisation of sellswords and hired mercenaries, famed for serving the sides that pay the most gold, regardless of morality or outcome.


The Ring of Reins is the largest established andknown company for horse breeding. Originally beginning in The Oharrian Kingdom, The Ring of Reins started as humble stable owners, but soon saw the opportunity to expand into more diverse animal husbandry and services. They now provide travellers with almost limitless options for trained companions, an entire army's worth of cavalry, and plenty more varieties of wonderful beasts.

The Ring of Reins is predominantly owned and ran by women, many of whom are faithful to Yugen.


The White Hands are the largest and most notorious criminal gang of theives and thugs established across Entrellia. They use a recognisable and famed white handprint, with each finger parallel from the palm, which highlights their property and marks their territory.


The Ro'a is a collection of Malori and Sea Spawn that monitor and protect against the sudden deep appearances of The Swollen below sea levels.


The Masterwork Guild is a global guild of artisans and crafters, where train and study masonry, blacksmithery, artistry, imbuement and much more. Any kind of manual labour and creative, crafting talent can be taught here.

Many of the most famed craftsmen are graduates of The Masterwork Guild and go on to create magnificent pieces of art.


Noted as one of the most recognised and professional group of Blood Magic users, The Vox Sanguis is a semi-secluded, Elven-led organisation originally established in Oa Lillium that focuses on training and controlling natural users of the shunned and morally grey awakening technique of blood awakening. They boast a fantastic record of successful therapy conversions that help otherwise lost, forsaken or out of control Blood Magic wielders into trained casters and wielders.

They have rankings and roles within their order, such as vindicators who focus on aiding and assisting innocent mortals afflicted with curses. Or a hunter, who has learnt to wield Blood Magic through internal trials, tribulations and education with the aim of slaying monstrosities and evil beyond their help and tutelage.



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