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Numen, which is the primary word used to describe the gods of the Numen Pantheon, are immortal and incomprehensibly old beings of great power. The forging of time, space, magic, worlds and life are ode to many of the early and powerful Numen, prompting worship and faith in them and their existence from the very beginnings. Throughout centuries, the presence of Numen has been prominent and the worship of these divine beings, especially to those that interact often, is a common practice among almost all stretches of life. Even Numen that have or still are hidden for countless years continue to be held in high regard, honoured, prayed to and respected for their specific virtues.


Traditionally, it is encouraged for followers of the Numen Pantheon to dedicate themselves to a favourite, devoting more effort and time into creating a stronger bond with that certain Numen. One that may adhere to their own beliefs, goals and morals more than the others. The virtues, personalities and codes differ from Numen to Numen so drastically that any branch of the pantheon could be considered a separate or singular religion all together, which is often advocated by cultists or extremists. What truly binds the Numen together is their conflicts and interactions with one another throughout the Creation Periods and their obvious existence along side each other. They are each real, accounted for and present in modern and ancient history with evidence in abundance.


Commonly, Numen can be referenced by their categories, which over time established naturally; The Skymakers, The Landmakers, The Ascended and The Misguided. Each self explanatory titles, though there are occasional overlaps with some Numen belonging to one or more branches due to their actions, history or how they Ascended.


Ascension is the act in which a mortal is elevated to the status of godhood, becoming a Numen and gaining an undying, unaging nature. Many beings who know of this process seek out this path to infinite power, but only a handful have ever succeeded, mostly through the will and aid of already existing Numen, or by pure accidental chance. Ascension is widely discussed as a blessing that comes to those who are not directly searching for it, commonly favouring the oblivious.

It is rumoured that The Ascension Mountain plays a large roll in this grand journey to join the pantheon, as well as an essential requirement for travel through many planes. Countless are deemed unworthy and die during their attempts or surrender before they lose their lives following footsteps of prior Ascended.



Numen often promote and bless loyal servants throughout the Creation Periods, dubbed as Champions, who adhere to unique aspects of the Numen's virtues. They are not as powerful, remain aging and mortal, but are however granted extended lifespans, empowered strength and boons of Divine magic in order to represent the Numen in smaller conflicts and carry out duties on their behalf. Champions will sometimes have to earn their position first, either by proving themselves worthy and loyal, completing difficult tasks or succeeding at challenges a Numen may set fot them. Each Numen tends to have their own trials, reasoning and established way of doing so. They also differ on how much power is willingly bestowed as a reward if one should earn the title.

A Champion can also enrich, expand on or diverge from their Numen's main beliefs, taking on more niche aspects and views of the already established virtues.


While not Numen themselves, Champions still recieve worship from followers in hopes that they might offer more attention, empathy or simply spare the time to listen to a more humble prayer. Maintaining their mortality also makes them more relatable and appealing to the faithful that choose them, finding an easier connection and ability to trust them.



Alenmore the Unyielding
Baloo the Skyswimmer

The Black Mist
The Blood Dragon
Brettendae the Loyal
Brevir the Rich
The Candle Keeper
Celess the Vampire Queen
The Courier
The Creationist
Drakthum the Coiled Blade
Imoi Moi
Lug the Walker
The Lycan Lord
The Raincloud Imps
The Sleeping Stones

White Spectres
Zaquerix the Sapper





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