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Ruled over by The High Merchants, The Sulvari Coastline is a rich trading company turned country that spans a long strip of Entrellia's central desert land, with natives commonly refered to as Sulvarian or Omickan. The country boasts a vast amount of coastal settlements that were each purchased or unified through invitation and political maneuvering one by one. Eventually, through time, The High Merchants successfully capitialised over every local competition and trading town, later forming the merchantocracy governing body that currently rules over each purchased settlement.



A city founded by pirates, Adedir was originally no more than a small docking port that offered respite to sailors travelling around the large desert peninsula of The Sulvari Coastline to reach The Great Golden Waters. However, as years passed, the settlement grew as a trading hub itself, boasting the vast access to markets directly adjacent to stretching docks built along the coast. Luxuries from all over Entrellia were quickly and efficiently at many's fingertips. Why sail another week when you can exchange goods at Adedir within their own market stalls at a fairer profit and at faster speeds? This unique specialty caused a boom in the city's economy and culture, rapidly expanding and earning permanent residency of both merchants and companies who favoured the aid of loose laws on trading and acceptance of everyone, regardless of racial or political views. Adedir became a city for all and continues to advertise and uphold their welcoming warmth to outsiders. The population is also supported by the constant imports of fresh produce, as well as a nearby sacred oasis that is harvested for clean water.

As well as the famed markets, Adedir hosts deadly and dedicated sand pit fights to traditionally honour The Triplets, who were worshipped and followed by locals before the influx of traders brought with them the majority following of Captain Mortekai. These pits are extremely popular and are prone to vast and expensive bets amongst the elite.



A prosperous land of green grass plains and thick woodland, The Oharrian Kingdom is a unified northern country populated by mostly humans referred to as Oharrians. The native people were conquered over hundreds of years by slow climbing petty kings, eventually unifying as a result of The Bannerblood War under one feudal crown. Since, the culture has shifted to make use of their fertile homelands and once battlefields have turned into vast fields of golden wheat and crops.



The royal captial of The Oharri Kingdom is a huge walled city known as Geringdale. It sits atop a hilly landscape, while the surrounding area is covered with a sea of golden-white wheat fields.



Mass unification of the Numenborn led to The Collective, a country ruled closely alike to a theocratic republic. The large eastern country is known for having three ruling, political representatives that fall into the descriptions and ideals of the three Moon Numen, Ome, Mirus and Yugen, with a fourth role known as The Redeemer, who act as Ellemere's unique position in the history of Numeborns and upholds and represents the non-native and non-Numenborn members of The Collective as equals.



The captial of The Collective is a large coastal city called Novelle that sits between a mountainous region south of the unified realm and is located with a busy port that accesses the Senarvae Sea.



Still disputed, The Mirelands is a north eastern section of Entrellia originally home to the mass majority and native Orc clans and tribes. However, due to the events of The Sundering, Sunderbloods have since invaded and expelled many from their homelands, capturing towns and settlements to rebuild them into impressive cities, introducing laws and structure. Those who did not fight back were granted safety within the borders, absorbing many small Beastborn, Trolls, Giants and Insecta civilisations with reasonable autonomy. The ruling class of The Mirelands are commonly unaccepted, being considered tyranical in their pursuits, shown not just through hatred from outsiders, but the land itself. Since the arrival of Sunderbloods, the landscape has slowly begun to grey, trees bleed and wilt, rivers coagulate and the air thickens with a purplish-red fog each evening.



A once established mountain home to settled Orcs, Grithtmurk was seiged and captured by Sunderbloods using powerful Blood and Black Magic unseen by the Orcs before. Grithtmurk fell in the short span of weeks. The warriors were unprepared and inexperienced with such a foe, causing many to die unceremoniously, burning to cinders in their homes before even reaching the walls for battle. The victors slaughtered and bombarded the settlement with flames so heavily, the buildings were burnt to the ground in the process, having to be built anew over the years the Sunderbloods ruled. Huge spires were erected to light the dark fog that plagued The Mirelands, utilising everburning torches atop the towering buildings. Much of the previous culture and structures of Grithtmurk were wiped from history, becoming unrecognisable.

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